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About ACT?

ACT (American College Testing) is a trusted and established organization dedicated to providing exceptional ACT preparation classes for college-bound students in the United States. With years of experience and expertise in the field of standardized testing, we have successfully guided countless students toward achieving their academic goals. The ACT is commonly taken by high school students during their junior or senior year, and many colleges and universities accept ACT scores as part of their admissions process. It’s important to check with the specific institutions you’re interested in to determine whether they require or prefer ACT scores for admission. 

The ACT exam assesses the mathematical, written, scientific, and verbal skills of the candidate. It comprises four sections – English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional Writing test, which an aspirant might be required to take depending on the admission criteria set by the college/university. 

Purpose and Goals

At ACT, our primary purpose and goal are to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ACT exam. We understand the significance of this test in college admissions and strive to help students maximize their potential, boost their scores, and secure admission to their dream universities.

Our overarching goal is to make the ACT preparation process accessible, engaging, and effective. Through our meticulously designed curriculum, experienced instructors, and comprehensive study materials, we aim to instill confidence, foster critical thinking, and facilitate academic growth among our students.

Who can take the ACT test?

There is no age limit or requirement for the ACT test-takers. However, it is mostly taken by high school graduates to enter college. It can also be taken by students from sixth to ninth grade.

ACT Exam Eligibility

  1. High school graduates have to mandatorily take the test to prove their readiness to enter college
  2. Students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 can also take the test
  3. Those below 13 years of age can’t register for the ACT entrance exam
  4. There is no upper age limit prescribed by the conducting body of the ACT
  5. Applicants must have a valid passport. This serves as an identification card
  6. The candidate or parent/guardian must possess an international Debit/Credit card to pay the test charge
  7. Applicants must take the test at least two months prior to the college/university deadline. This is suggested as the result is declared between two to eight weeks after the ACT test

Though there are no separate eligibility criteria for the ACT, students should meet the course-wise eligibility criteria set by the college/university.


ACT Class in Delhi, Janakpuri

  • Our ACT classes are strategically designed to cover all sections of the ACT exam, including English, Math, Reading, Science, and the optional Writing section.
  • We offer comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and mock exams to help students become familiar with the test format and effectively prepare for the challenges they will encounter.
  • Our ACT classes in Janakpuri and Delhi provide both in-person and online learning options, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for students from different locations.
  • As part of our commitment to personalized learning, we maintain small class sizes to maximize individual attention and address specific areas of improvement.


At ACT, we take pride in the accomplishments of our students. Over the years, our diligent approach to ACT preparation has yielded remarkable results, with many of our students achieving impressive scores and gaining admission to prestigious educational institutions across the United States.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your ACT potential and gain a competitive edge in college admissions. Enroll in ACT classes or coaching sessions with ACT today! Contact us now at graceintlgroup.in to kickstart your journey towards ACT success.

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